The Ballroom Band 2010-2015

5 guys, 5 Years

We will celebrate 5 years as a band 2015. We are not sure how, but we will keep you posted. This pic is taken by Jan Lilja and it´ was the first time that all five of us met.
We had a great first five years and more to come!

Take care folks!

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Live 30-31 Jan

We start of 2015 with two gigs in Dalarna.

30 Jan – Unplugged at Räfsnäs
@ Räfsnäs gården, Ludvika
Tickets: 070-380 92 66

31 jan – Rootsy Winter festival
@ Bjurfors Hotell & Konferens
Tickets: +46 (0)226-550 50

See ya!


Great reviews on “Skebobruk Sessions”


” What sounds good old-fashioned?, well Skebobruk Sessions with The Ballroom Band. Real, reminiscent of the golden age of the genre, the mid-nineties.

The time we were happy every time sheets of Uncle Tupelo, The Bottle Rockets, The Hangover Dogs of Bellwether. So happy I am of this third full-length album from the Swedish quintet. Eleven damn catchy songs recorded in the attic of a mill somewhere in the middle of nowhere north of Stockholm.

The intention was to take up by multi-instrumentalist Pelle Andersson songs and all record together in a big room to give a live feel to it with. That miracle succeeded! It all sounds pretty direct and straightforward. Fine melodic and yet gritty guitar-oriented songs with room for banjo, mandolin, accordion, piano and pedal steel. Well sung by Martin “Frontman” Andersson. Top numbers is nice lingering ”I’ve been Running”, which narrowly beat the opening track ”Hey, What’s Your Name” and ”Hard Times” including singer Linda Ström”
– Alt Country Magazine (NL) ____________________________________________________________

”Skebobruk Sessions” really goes a long way to highlighting just how meaningless the term Americana is becoming, though whatever term does eventually get applied, The Ballroom Band are playing in the top league! – Neil King, Fatea Magazine (UK) ____________________________________________________________

” Wherever The Ballroom Band comes the party starts, feast on the dance floor, but also feast for the mind. Sometimes sounds of a Swedish American accent, but the ”Skebobruk Seasons” prove that you do not have to come from the deep American South, to bring exquisite roots rock. Chapeau!” – Eric Schuurmans, Rootstime (BEL) ____________________________________________________________

“This band is still rising high above mediocrity and is not inferior to the best alt country americana band from the USA or Canada. Can listen endlessly on Spotify and definitely buy their records! … A must !!” – John Vandenburg (NL)

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