Skebobruk Sessions release today!

It´s finally here! 
Skebobruk Sessions is our 4th release since we started out in 2010.
We are very proud of the album that we recorded on site some two years ago and we are sure that you will find some favorites in there, so….. listen in, please buy it and tell your friends about the news thanks!  We hope to see you all soon when we go out on tour. (More info later). Have a great day and enjoy the music!

Download here:
Press release: Pressrelease_Skebobruk sessions – The Ballroom Band_2

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New single “Hey! What´s your name” out now!

HWYN_Singel_cover_500_Ver5  HWYN_Singel_cover_500_Ver5 HWYN_Singel_cover_500_Ver5 HWYN_Singel_cover_500_Ver5
“Hey! What´s your name?” is the new single from The Ballroom Bands upcoming album “Skebobruk Sessions”.

It´s a classic uptempo, roadmovie, boy meets girl, motels, casual sex with your socks still on, leaving your former life behind and hitting the road with the one you love kind of song. Crank up the volume and put yourself in the driver’s seat for 3 minutes and 50 seconds.  Enjoy the Ride!




MartIn Frontman – LeadVox, Acoustic guitar
Pelle andersson – Mandolin, Accordion, Piano, B-Vox
Jonas lönngren – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Lapsteel
Clas lassbo – Electric & Upright Bass & B-vox
Peter Hjerpe – Drums & Percussion
Jesper lIndberg – Pedal steel & banjo
Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Master by Pelle Andersson
Co producer Martin Frontman
Arrangements by The Ballroom Band
Artwork by Martin Frontman
Photos by Hasse Linden & Martin Frontman

The Ballroom Band
Single “Hey! What´s your name?
Release: Sep 26, 2014
BB Records




The story of the making of “Skebobruk Sessions”


The country village of Skebobruk is located in the countryside, some 90 kilometers north of Stockholm. Right in the middle of woods, creeks, winding roads, abandoned work sheds and a blacktop road that in the end will take you to the dull and uninspiring industry cluster called Hallstavik.

Ballroom Band_001
Photo: Hasse Lindén

The village of Skebo is most known for the Skebo Herrgård (=Mansion) which is known for three things; here the band Europe detoxed and slimmed down before going on world tour in the 80s, the restaurant at the mansion is real fine dining and is mentioned in the White Guide, and in the mansion the ghost of the White Lady roams the corridors at night, checking out that all is well. A stones throw from the mansion is the old mill by the pouring stream. In the mill there is now a pub where films are shown now and then, bands perform for local audiences and a micro brewery produces strong and interesting brews not to be forgotten once they passed your thirsty lips.


And here The Ballroom band recording the new yet untitled album. Upstairs in the mill, in a big room with hardwood floor, big rafters high up in the ceiling and windows facing the pouring stream. Get you somehow thinking about The Band’s Big Pink. This is The Ballroom Band’s Big Brewery…

The plan was simple. Let’s record an album together in a big room IRL. Let all the instruments blend, let all the personalities swing in time, let the songs be created and let it be live and direct! And here we are, in the big room. With all the microphones, wires, headphones, instruments, amplifiers, and some refreshments at the little kitchen in the corner.

BB_Skebo_005  BB_Skebo_003 BB_Skebo_002 BB_Skebo_004 BB_Skebo_007
Photo: Hasse Lindén

Here they are, the Honky Tonk heroes that call themselves The Ballroom Band.
In the corner behind all the drums, Peter Hjerpe. On his side the bass man Clas Lassbo with two Fenders and a Upright bass. Behind all the recording gear, the mixer, the piano/organ, and the accordion standing with his mandolin in hand – Pelle Andersson the composer. Guitarist extraordnaire Jonas Lönngren is sitting behind his immense pedal board with a couple of Fenders, a barytone and an acoustic guitar. He is checking his head phones ’cause his amplifier is standing in a cupboard out in the kitchen. Jesper Lindberg is sitting behind his pedal steel guitar with his 5-string banjo whithin reach. He has his amplifier miked up out in the toilet.
Ballroom Band, Linda Ström

And behind the microphone the master of ceremonies, The Frontman, Martin Frontman Andersson. With two acoustic guitars, one used as a stand for his hat. He sings the songs of the Ballroom Band; songs of drifting, longing, loving and living. Songs from the heart of everything from the road to the sky.

The band get their rest in a nearby house but Frontman sleeps on a bed in a corner of the mill house. Every night he has felt the strong presence of someone who tucked him in at night. But there was nobody else around. Maybe the White Lady of the Skebo Mansion approved of the music…

On the last day the great Linda Ström came by and blessed the session on the track “Hard Times”. Now the album was complete .

Jesper Lindberg 
September 2012

The Album “Skebobruk Sessions”  release in October 2014.

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